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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mozambique Island

Finally out! It had been awhile since Alex and I had spent time away from site so last weekend we made our way over to Moz Island to say goodbye to volunteers who will be making their way back to the states after completing their 2 years here. Friday night we had a very tropical version of a pub crawl. Here we have Mana Alexi and me kicking off the night with a few beers, a dance, and a lot of goofiness right next to the fortress on the island. After that...schedule full of other locations with no lack of dancing, eating, drinking, and more goofiness, but mostly dancing.
So if things weren't weird enough...Saturday night we attended the senior prom of the secondary school on the island (where our fellow PCV Katie teaches 12th grade English). I'm not sure we or anone else knew who we were or why we were there, so all the white people were conveniently contained at a table in the corner between the kiddie table and the start of the food line. LOL Tension was high because the food was a few hours late and they subjected everyone to weird, awkward archaic waltz-ish dance routines which suprised me 'cause Mozambicans are excellent dancers. But anyway, the food eventually came and the DJ started playing some real music and the white people hopped onto the dance floor with everone else and everyone enjoyed the senior prom they'd been hoping for.
Erin, another PCV here in the north of the country.

And here we have Andrew (not a PCV, but a kindred American spirit who certainly livins up our get-togethers) burying a small naked boy in the sand.
After the island adventures, Alex and I hopped onto a sail boat and took a beautiful 3 hour ride to Chokas Mar, quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth to relax for another day.

Ussene, our boat driver wanted to put on sunblock too. As you can see, he got really excited about it, even though he doesn't need it. He says when he puts on sunscreen, all his friends tell him that he smells like a white person for the rest of the day. So Ussene likes sunblock.

My beautiful and wonderful roomie, Mana Alexi.
Ahhhhh. Thats our boat heading back over to the island after dropping us off.

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