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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Islands finally! Being here a year now and not yet making it to one of the islands sprinkled between Angoche and the open ocean was definitely leaving a huge gap in my understanding of my site. The islands are full of Angoche's history and culture. Thanks to my roomie's father's generous contribution of a nice speedy boat ride (other option: toast away in a sailboat with other ppl, goats, chickens, etc), we made the hop to Catamoio rather quickly and in style. Thanks Mr. Kruzel. Here we have my lovely roomie, Alex in full boat attire.
Angoche's very own Marina
One of those boats I was telling you about.
There she is...Catamoio, the most important of the islands. Back in the day, the sultans ruled Angoche from this island. It is said to be the center of power in the area and if anyone means the islands any harm, they will never be able to step foot there. During the war, many people fled to the islands.
Naked baby greeting! Heyoooo!
Never imagined any place would be more slow-paced and quiet than Angoche...yep, could definitely take a few naps here.
Baobab...comin back to climb this one. Unless its sacred or something. I dunno.
TAKE MY PICTURE! What a bunch of goofball old ladies. lol

And here we have Alex and Mr. Kruzel approaching the oldest (arguably) Mosque in Mozambique. The beautiful little building is slowly crumbling, but supposedly renovation is underway.

I think next time we come, Alex and I will build a lil mud hut so we can have a place to sip coconuts in utter peace and quiet.

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  1. Whats the name of the nearest airport I could fly into? I'm only half serious, but half is more than less than half! (get it? lol) I really am considering a visit...