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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mangos are BACK!

What makes our lives bearable at the most terribly hot season in Mozambique?
What do my roomie and I consume at least 5 of daily?
What inspires a girl to carry around dental floss wherever she goes?
What makes a girls tongue burn because of some fruity acid reaction but she still eats them anyway?
What shares a number 1 slot with capulanas for my favorite Mozambican things?
What's enough to make any PCV extend service just to go through another season?
What do I dream our lame machamba (garden) would produce?
What makes the skin around the average PCVs fingers and mouth look like they have jaundice October through January???
What fruit feeds the nation when nothing else is in the markets???


Thats right folks, the beautifully delicious fruit whose very name my blog title bears is back in full force!!! What a great fruit. I'm considering going on a full Mango tour of the country. Did you know the various types of mangos are much like the various types of apples there are available in the states??? From the large juicy red ones in Chokas Mar to the slightly stringy but beautifly tartysweet green ones in Angoche, I'm hooked! Mangos OYE! OYE!!!

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  1. I thought the answer was Peanut butter, not mangos!!! lol :)

    Love you and misssss youuuuuuu!