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Friday, October 9, 2009


Just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Kruzel (my roomie's dad) for comin to visit and spoiling us a ton. When people send us packages, come to visit, read our blogs, and just generally take interest, it definitely makes us feel loved. Mr. K just came right in time to enjoy a pretty insane week of party after party here in Angoche. He arrived just at the end of Ramadan which includes lots of celebrating (after a long month of fasting), a national holiday, town anniversary, and Alex's birthday. Holy moly! Mr. Kruzel's arrival was also a source of celebration as he is a big supporter of the youth center Alex started. He was definitely the most famous guy for a week. So far Alex' mom, sister Emelia, friend Marcella, and my friend Jesse have come to visit good ol Angoche and enjoy a week of being the center of attention. You could be next! Thanks to everyone who sends stuff, visits, and keeps track of us. Thanks Kruzel and Freml families! thanks Ben! Thanks readers! We really appreciate it! Love yas!

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