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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angoche Day

I never knew so many people lived here! On Angoche day, the city's anniversary, the place exploded with people. Lots of festivities were going on. As you can see, quite a large crowd of people gathered to watch the main events for the day. There was a men's 10k foot race (that I'm thinkin of entering next year mainly because I was told I couldn't), a motorcycle race, and a race where women balanced water containers on their head through a marked course.
I'm quite shocked that no one died in the motorcycle race. I only saw one crash. Here we have the signature super man move to eliminate some wind resistance. A couple of our colleagues even entered this race.

People were all over the tops of buildings just to get a better view.

Fortunately, we got a bird's eye view from the house above the post office, where our wonderful friend and post office manager, Fabiao, let us watch from his balcony.

A bunch of other PCVs came to visit Angoche and party with us. They joined us for all the Angochian events and a nice evening of frisbee and relay races on the beach. Can't wait until next year.

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  1. this is fun! I want to come for next year too!!!!! :)