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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teachers Day

You guessed it! Another Mozambican holiday. Another reason to cancel school. What's the excuse this time for canceling classes??? TEACHER'S DAY. Just like every other holiday, this one started with a mini-parade that ended at the plaza where we sang the national anthem, threw flowers on this statue thingie, and listened to a few long-winded speaches before returning home to escape the sun. Yippee.

Here we are with our colleagues. Mozambicans take their holiday gear seriously.

Our shortest colleague who we lovingly call Papa. We look good.

Mana Alexi and one of our lovely students chillin at the beach for awhile with a bunch of our colleagues.

So most of the rest of the day we kinda just hung out, got wierd, and waited for something to happen. We drank a lot of pop, told stupid jokes, and tried to help get the food ready for the huge dinner party that was supposed to start at 7:00PM. So... the food was 5 hours late (wait, did you say FIVE HOURS LATE???) Yep. By the time the food was ready, our colleagues were all pissed. No worries though, after everyone had a full belly of delicious food and a few beers down the hatch, the tension wore off and we had a bit of a dance party. Whahooo! Happy Teachers Day!

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