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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mango eating machines!

I know I write a lot about mangos. But they're just so good. As of late, many of us have had a little extra time on our hands now that classes are over. So when there's nothing else to do in places where entertainment options are few, we make contests out of lots of things. Like who can poke the most sticks up their nose, or climb this tree the highest, or balance on one foot the longest, or eat 25 pieces of bread in one day or .... the lastest...who can eat the most mangos in 30 minutes???After our famed bread-eating challenge in Nampula, Andrew, Alex and I decided we'd take it up a notch and try mangos. So the three of us sat down with a huge bowl of mangos and a timer set to 30 minutes. And how many mangos did we consume??? Any guesses? Look at those game faces!
39 and 1/2 mangos! I don't mean to brag, but I actually took home the gold after an embarrassing showing the previous week in the bread division. I put away 14 (the last was already rotting, I might add)...I did it for you, Mom.

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