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Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to Namaacha

First of all, sorry for the long break in blog posts. Couldn't have been helped--I was on the road. Thanks to those of you who didn't get bored and give up on me. So first off, when I returned to the southern half of Mozambique, I took advantage of my proximity to the 'ol host family and went to hang out with them for a bit (normally a nearly impossible trip to make from Angoche). The last time my host family saw me was the last day of training in December of 2008. I was informed by them that I had gotten fatter (a compliment here), whiter, and could finally speak Portuguese after a year in Angoche and a month back in the States. Gotta love em. We covered a lot of ground...we could communicate so much better. And it was kinda sweet that I wasn't treated as some sort of awkward princessy guest that no one understood...I felt like a part of the fam. So here's some updated pics of the fam.
Mana Neida
Ilda, Sancho, Xirene, Mana Neida
Sancho and Nilzu...not gonna lie...they're my favorites!
Our house
Sancho, Mama Come, Nilzu, and some random cousin
And last but certainly not least...my nephew! My host sister had him the day I left for Angoche and I didn't even get to see him. he played hard to get at first, but then warmed up to his tia branca.

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