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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brrrr. No place like home

My toes were a little chilly when I stepped off the airplane in Omaha.
What a week to make the transition from my tropical life! Walked right back into a blizzard wearing flipflops.
That's right folks, I traded sweating for shivering, black for white people, portuguese for English, rice and shrimp for pizza and milk, students for family Ben and friends. I'm home until January. Anyone want to hang out? So it was 105 degrees when I left Angoche. And here its -5. No big deal. Just a 110 degree difference.
Papa Frems.

When I told people in Angoche that it's cold where I'm from they say
"oh you mean like our winter?"
Nah, not exactly. You guys wear puffy down jackets and stocking caps for 60 degree weather because you're goofy. Where I'm from, ice falls from the sky and stays on the ground without melting.
"Do you have to wear a jacket?"
Yes. And boots, mittens, scarves, and hats.
"What happens if you leave your house?"
You mean without a jacket? Well, you could die if you stay out too long.
"Why do people live there?"
Smile. I dunno. Hot chocolate?

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