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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Mashed potatoes...a lot. Toam and I made em.
How we going to keep them cold if Katie doesn't have a refrigerator?
Oh well, they'll be ok if we eat them soon enough, right?
Did Miguel, Hammer, and Katia get a turkey?
They didn' have time to find a turkey.
How much are ducks? Lets get 2. The lady at the bungalow will cook em for us.
A sail boat ride to Chokas Mar.
I think one duck is sick.
Lady who usually cooks for us is not there.
Is there anyone else who can cook our ducks?
One duck escapes.
Hammer catches him again.
Anyone wanna play scrabble?
Can that kid cook our ducks?
He's like 9 years old.
Who cares. They know how to do that stuff.
No one in sight for miles in each direction on the beach.
Perfectly azure water.
Is it time to try to make stuffing?
How do you make stuffing?
Just some veggies, bread, and some sort of bird juice?
Mashed potatoes are fermenting. Ew.
More beach.
Did anyone start the stuffing?
What are you reading?
Anyone in the hammock?
Sun burn.
Katia on guitar. "Octopus with one tentacle gone"
Stuffing looks weird.
They're back with the ducks!
Oooo, kinda tough.
Stuffing is interesting.
Pumpkin pie saves the meal, nice work David.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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