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Monday, February 1, 2010

Visiting Swaziland

From Namaacha Mozambique, it's only a walk to the outskirts of town to be at the border of Swaziland, so I made my first visit out of Moz. What beautiful country. Reminded me so much of the terrain in Namaacha. It's suprisingly well-developed compared to Mozambique and people speak Sswati (sp?) and English, so travel was super easy. Just look at that beautiful paved road!
Such an interesting little country. It's the last monarchy in Africa and practically surrounded by South Africa--just shares a bit of it's border with Mozambique. Because of it's rather uniform culture and strong monarchy, it was able to resist take over by any of the bigger guys and is a quite stable and calm place to be. It also boasts a suprisingly diverse array of terrain and many large game parks where a huge percentage of African game safely roam. It's certainly not without its problems. Swaziland has an even higher rate of HIV than Mozambique and many of the other issues I've experienced here.

A couple of months before I left for Mozambique, I crossed paths with Jaclyn and learned that she would be starting her 2 years in PC Swaziland. Not long after that, I was placed in Mozambique. Bada-bing! Banda-boom! Neighbors! I got the chance to visit her a few weeks ago, so I took it. What an amazing and refreshing experience to talk to someone who grew up in the midwest, loves Jesus, has a ton of mutual friends, has been working in a southern-African country for over a year with the Peace Corps! I got to see her site, learn about her work, and listen to her perspective on things.

Her site is pretty matu (bush). But so beautiful! This is the view walkin out of her front door!

Jaclyn, me, host family squirt.

Kids are pretty cute there too. As you can see.

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