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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lots of stuff

Hey there faithful readers...hope you have some hotdogs, cause I'd like to ketchup my blog with news. Ha ha ha. Since my last update, Mozambique had an independence day, I celebrated my birthday, the second trimester ended, we had a local and regional science fair, Jesse Leiber came to visit me, I traveled to Gurue, and I spent a few days in Maputo planning for next year's REDES conference. Yikes!
Welp...I'll start from the top! Mozambican Independence Day, my lovely roomie and I sported our commemorative capulanas for the day and went to the parade and celebration at the plaza.
Here's the good ol Moz flag!
Me and one of my students, Muazareia.
And last but not least, our mozambican grandpa.
And a day later I turned a year older. A couple of other volunteers came to Angoche to help me celebrate. I spent my 24th b-day at the beach, picnic-ing it up with some fresh shrimp and plenty of frisbee! A girl couldn't ask for much more.

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