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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jesse in Mozambique

Fellow Morningsider, former RA, and adventure enthusiest, Jesse Lieber made the trek alllllll the way from South Sioux City, Nebraska to Mozambique to visit me just over a month ago as his first time out of the country. Talk about diving right in!!! Holy cow. What a friend! I had a break from school in mid July, so Jesse and I made plans earlier this spring for his visit. It was refreshing to have a reminder of home to hang out with, not to mention a good reality check for me. Somethings here start to normalize as certain standards lower in order to cope with day to day life, and it was interesting to be reminded that a normal person should be upset when waiting in line takes more than 4 hours and an insane amount of people budge like its their job, or a normal person should not allow people to sit on top of them in public transport, or a normal person should expect restaurants to have food. Anyway, despite all the transport issues, luggage disappearances, constant in-ability to plan, altitude sickness, and culture shock, Jesse pulled through and handled it like a real trooper. First stop, ANGOCHE!
Upon arrival in our beautiful tropical paradise of a city, Jesse got to help me check papers (probably one of his best memories) and then go to school with me. My students went NUTS!!! They were singing and dancing for him and wanting to hear all about the stranger from the United States who came to school with Professora. He was definitely the most famous person for miles.
We of course, showed him around the rest of our favorite spots in Angoche including our beautiful beach just across the mangrove swamp. I think he liked it:-)
After Angoche, we headed over to Zambezia province to explore some of Mozambique's beautifully green and mountanous interior. Thanks again, Jesse for comin and for all the rest of you guys...feel free to come and visit. I'd love to have ya!

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