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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Angoche's 1st Science Fair

Wowza! Angoche's first science fair was a hit! Although not the flashiest or most well-attended event of the weekend, our participants and a few spectators enjoyed some fun intellectual stimulation. A few months ago, I invited some of my best students as well as some older students recommended by colleagues to become part of the science fair group. I met with the handful of kids for a number of weeks to prepare for the event. The first week, we learned the scientific method (something that was news to even the 12th graders); the second week, we practiced using the scientific method to set up experiments and identify different types of investigations; and from then on, the students carried out their own investigations to present at the fair.
Each of them had to bring their materials and report on Saturday the 4th of July to the youth center to set up and explain their project to a panel of judges (including my lovely roomie Alex) or any interested spectator. The judges selected 4 winners including Carlos with his salt to freshwater distillation process, Belito with his palm wine demonstration, Fina with her condensation demonstration, and Silva with a rottin fish/fly experiment. These four winners recieved prizes and also had the privilage of competing in the regional fair in Nampula city. For more on the regional fair, stay posted--definitely more to come. But until then, hip-hip-hooray for our lil scientists here in Angoche!
Me, givin a lil speecheroo before.
Getting a better look at Carlos's project with Professor Bento.
Professor Bento and Faruk (my Mozambican counterparts for this project) with the winner of the local fair, Carlos Rodrigues.

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