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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shenanigans+odds and ends

I usually letcha all in on the big stuff, but I thought I'd just give you a few slices of the stuff that normally wouldn't make up the meat of one of those intense blog posts you've all surely come to crave from me. lol

Wowza! Would you look at another one of those beautiful Angoche sunsets???

2 of our colleagues...buncha goofballs. Everyone here LOVES Obama. I'm afraid to wear my Obama Tshirt again after the swarms that followed me the first time I wore it. These 2 fellas were lucky enough to be the recipients of 2 of the Obama t's Alex's dad sent from the states. Thanks Papa K! You're helpin me make friends!

Racist baby. JK. She just doesn't like us...at all. She is our neighbor downstairs and quite possibly the cutest lil thing in Moz, but if we go within a few feet of her, she freaks out. Funny but sad (for us). Anyway, sorry about this pic being sideways, but I was struggling to make it turn. You were probably going to tilt your head to the side...and say "awwww" anyway.

Yep...things get wierd when there's not much to do...and we have permanent markers and students and neighbors visiting.

I like to climb...things. Doesn't this remind you of Iowa? Oh the many faces of Angoche!

Part of the walk home from school.

What better backdrop for frisbee than the beautiful Praia Nova???

Just takin a peek...exploring the abandoned Portuguese Catholic mission outside Angoche.
Ok...that concludes this completely random post. Hope you enjoyed. Later gators!

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