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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Science Fair 2010

Just last Saturday Angoche enjoyed her second annual science fair. I've been meeting with 17 science fair students for two months now learning the scientific method and organizing projects. Step aside silly American projects like vinegar and baking soda volcanos and weird planet orbit models! Angoche is going to show how to do a science fair Moz-style! Setting up our new facility this year, I was nervous that our turn out would be weak like it was last year.

But then after the weirdly formal opening speeches by our school director and myself, traffic started flowing.

What else do Angocheans have to do on a Saturday morning? I think we were the most exciting thing going on. Just look at that crowd!

After the grand opening, our judges started circulating. We had Teacher Alexi, Professor Mucaibo (my go-to science colleague at the school), and Cremildo, a biologist from Primeiras e Segundas the WWF/CARE project in Angoche. What a juri forte! The students were judged based on their grasp and application of the scientific method, content of their project, application of their project to both scientific concepts and every-day life, and oral/written defense.

Who takes the cake??? Would it be Luis with his yogert production project? Yussufo with his sugar extraction demonstration? Felismina with her charcoal substitution? Muchangame with his home-made papaya leaf/soap pesticide? Belito, my lil bootlegger with his production of wine from banana leaves? Faruk with his coconut oil extraction process? Separation of a mixture with Carlos? Homemade cast-plaster making with Fina? Or one of the suprise projects presented instead of the projects submittend and explained ahead of time to Professora Xirene (me)??? Stay tuned!!!

Let the explanations and demonstrations begin!

Bottoms up! This kid really trusts Luis and took a big swig of his yogert.
Iahaia carefully calculates heights of different objects using a mirror and mathematical equation.
Carlos, our winner from last year, expertly explains his separation process.
I think some of the members of the juri will probably want some of your wine, Belito, after this is all over.
And how could I forget to mention our special guests from the community??? We invited Primeiras and Segundas to set up a display about conservation of natural resources in the area. A number of their technitions showed up with mangrove trees and photos to explain their projects to the community.
We also invited the Associacao de Solidariedade e Aconselhamento em Saude (what a mouthful!), a health organization in Angoche that works primarily in HIV/AIDS counseling and support. Margarida, my lovely site-mate is partnered with this organization and brought some of her most entertaining colleagues to talk to everyone about HIV prevention!
They brought along Joao and Maria, 2 dolls that are anatomically...er...um...accurate and obvious. Many health workers are finding that people will ask more specific questions about HIV, relationships, sex, etc if they can talk about the doll. "If Maria does ______, is she at risk?"
Andre, me, Bento. Bento helped me a ton with science fair preparations. Thanks bud.
More colleagues dripping with enthusiasm for science.
Everyone anxiously awaiting the judges decision. It has been a long morning.
Who will it be???
Drum roll please....
In 3rd place we have Iahaia with his height calculating math equation utilizing just a mirror and pencil!
Takin 2nd and representin all the ladies out there we have Felismina with her charcoal substitution project!
And Muchangame takes 1st place with his beautifully organized project testing the effectiveness of his home-made pesticide concoction of papaya leaves and soap!
Congrats everyone on their hard work! Until next year, science nerds!

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  1. Erin-Truly inspiring...both students and teacher as well as the other adults involved. All of you are making such a difference in your students live. God bless all of you! Toni Andersen