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Saturday, July 31, 2010

a p a s

What do my toilet and arteries have in common? They both risk clogging because of a little thing called apa. ba-boom-ching! There is much to be explored in the world of Angochean cuisine which boasts a fine array of fresh delicious seafood; yummy healthy traditional dishes made with coconut milk, casava leaves, and peanuts; spicy Indian curries over rice; wonderful tropical fruit; and more...
...and then there's street food. Street food is down right bad for your constitution and--lets face it--doesn't even taste very good; but everyone has their street food vice anyway (if they're honest). Amongst all street food varieties, apa is king, and quite possibly the only food in Angoche that can truly be considered fast food.
So what exactly is an apa?

1 folded up tortilla ish thing + 1 greasy fried egg + ketchup + unrefrigerated mayo = apa

Why does a smart person eat this?
In America, you lucky ducks eat a lot of Taco Bell after a night of drinking, or you say "let's just order pizza" when lacking culinary creativity, or you carry out Chinese when you don't have the energy to fire up the kitchen at home, or when electricity in the city disappears...nevermind, that doesn't happen there. Here, in situations such as these we turn to the apa. The apa stand is actually located conveniently (or inconveniently when it comes to my health) near our apartment. When I first arrived and was introduced to the apa, I was horrified that people eat it. Now, I confess I don't just eat them out of a survival instinct, I like them. Maybe they make you dummer. I'm sure they at least take years off one's life, which is actually ok for me. I took a life expectancy test in Developmental Psyc my last year of college and was horrified to find out that I'm supposed to live to be 102. I'm happy to say that I've reduced that to at least 98. Jesus here I come! Thanks apas.

Apa fun facts:
1. Each apa costs 13 mets or roughly $0.40
2. Each apa comes in a tiny plastic sack (so much for the environment!)
3. This student, Mecussete, is the best at getting the egg/tortilla/sauces proportions correct

4. 2 is the magic number for anyone who goes for a complete meal (average female PCV serving size...guys usually down more...maybe that dumb factor?)
5. The record number of apas eaten in one setting is 10. Gross. (We got bored and had another eating contest) Congrats Andrew, honorable mention: Margaret with 9

6. The apa stand has a complete menu, but they only serve apas, sweet bread, and a weird drink called maheio (sp?)
7. It is nearly unpredictable when the apa stand will be open.
8. To make a date out of an apa-run, you can sit down in apa alley, a nice shady nook right off to the side of the apa stand. Seats 4 on the bench.

This post is lovingly dedicated to Mana Alexi, who has eaten more apas with me than anyone on earth. Does Chicago have Moz town?

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  1. Hope you get your apa-fling outta you before you come back. no apa eating in the states.