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Saturday, April 11, 2009


So to tickle those senses of humor that are a little on the less mature side...I would like to share some of the absolutely ridiculously graphic depictions of people with cholera that my students drew. Pretty great if you ask me. I didn't even ask them to draw anything. But at least they got the basics (as you can see). I like to think I drove home the main points about choleral pretty darn well. These are just a select few of the great variety of pieces I recieved. Feel free to vote on your favorite!!!

And to keep with this art theme, I also have to share some of the pretty amusing poetry I've been recieving from students and um admirador secreto.

I would like being your own friend.

In case that allow me.

Female friend as of paper he shreads

Female friend as of class container he broke

Female friend as of iron rust

Female friend equal to you do not exists!!!!

I adore you!!!!!!!!!!

Does have anything than it is to accurate for it say

As you all of it looks not having more felt

than it is to God at the send of one angel

to remain in our side

that angel is you, Erin

Amicability that's a connection humane

than it is to involve knowledge mutual

he may be actual or virtual

and that takes to a esteem

friend they feel in case that alright at the company

actual virtual from the another one

Pretty great huh? I thought so too.


  1. I'm going to go with the 3rd picture, just becaues it ACTUALLY looks like intestines are coming out the rear....Thats some good anatomy teaching right there!!!
    Female Friend as of iron rust!
    I adore you!!

  2. I'm going to go with the 1st picture with the 3rd a close runner up. The first looks 3D which shows a lot of talent for an 8th grade student. This assignment shows the different ways to show learning and understanding. LOL I wish more assignments involved drawing pictures, even at the grad level.

    I'm still trying to figure out the poetry. Some parts appear very deep and then others I'm like "What!?!"

    You're AMAZING Freml!