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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dia da Mulher

Hey there all you readers, especially the ladies...happy women's day all the way from Mozambique!!! I tell you what, these women know how to celebrate! After getting all prettied up with our girls group, we joined everyone at the plaza near the waterfront for an amazing opening ceremony complete with a variety of cultural and musical presentations especially dedicated to female issues. It was so fun to see these women all dressed up, singing and dancing like a bunch of Mozambican divas. Girl power definitely surged all day as ladies strutted their stuff around to different celebrations, programs, and parties. My roomie and I were definitely in the thick of it...tryin to be as Mozambican as possible. Angochian women ate it up! Overwhelmed with amusement that we were participating in the festivities, women we've never spoken with came running up to us to shower us with hugs, kisses, squeals, and compliments. It was pretty cute. After opening ceremonies, we visited a bunch of people in Angoche like students do before prom. In the evening, we went to watch our neighbor play in a women's soccer game and then we went out to party. Hands down, my favorite day in Angoche so far!

Me and my roomie in full garb.

One of our REDES girls. Such cuties!

Viva Mozambicana, VIVA!

Some ladies lookin good.

Colorful crowd, eh?

A lil bump and grind with some Mozambicans...


  1. Lookin good erin baby! Mixing it up with the local folk! Reminds me of a morningside basketball court or something like that!

  2. Wow what a day! I'm glad that the women in the town welcomed you and Alex in the festivities as you both came out in traditional garb. When I first saw your faces in the 2nd picture I thought it was sunscreen. LOL Everyone looks very beautiful in the different colors of dresses.