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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Mozambican Womens Day 2010!!!

On April 7th, I got to celebrate for the second time in my life, Mozambican women's day. This year was definitely special for me and our girls group. I actually was entrusted this year with picking out the capulana for our girls group, quite an honor. I went with this lovely pink and black number. And more importantly, this year our girls performed at the city plaza for the women's day opening ceremonies--quite a big deal. I mean, they don't just let any random bozos sing and dance in front of the mayor, administrator, their wives, and every other distinguished to normal Angochean! The girls had to try out in front of the mayor, his wife, and the leader of the women's organization in town. They looked beautiful and sang and danced wonderfully. We are so proud of them. This year will be the first time for REDES to make it to the plaza!
Some footage of them performing
Heading toward the plaza
Singing in the youth center. Dress rehearsal.
Group shot. These are our gals, my roomie Alex, and site-mate Margarita.
And there's that white face mask that makes Angoche famous.
Just look at that interesting crowd.

Gettin all prettied up before the performance. Seriously, probably the only time they get to wear fingernail polish.

I don't know why Margarita has that worried look on her face. I happen to have one year of experience arranging head-wraps.

The lovely Alexi
yep. you go girl

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